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Skidless Hand Towels


    Yogitoes Skidless Hand Towels are made for all types of people practicing yoga. Creates a non-slip surface for a steadier and safer workout. When combined with a sticky mat, creates an even stronger non-slip surface. There is a special absorbent layer on the mat lets you use it without spraying water for traction and security. When used in reverse, that towel stimulates pressure points on your hands and feet. Practicing yoga with this towel will increase your awareness and balance between your hands and feet. Can be used with twisting asanas for extra grip, arm balancing, for spinning with stationary equipment, pilates equipment, or for working out!

  • Machine washable
  • Easy storage for traveling
  • One of a kind towel can be used on many surfaces
  • Size: 17" X 26"
  • Try out the Skidless Mat Towel and the Exercise Pillow as well!

  • Skidless Hand Towels

    Skidless Hand Towels

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    perfect for sweaty palms

    whippersnapper47 said on 3/4/2006 12:46:17 PM   

    I always got frustrated that my hands started slipping in my downward dog position but I didn't want gloves and I didn't think a towel would work. This towel is the best price I've seen, it's compact (fits nicely in my mat bag) and actually works. I use it at the front of my mat with the nubby side up. My fellow yogi says it hurts her hands so she puts smooth side up, but I like the extra grip.