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Wearable Weights

Moderate plyometric training with weights has shown significant gains in vertical leap beyond that achieved with only weight training. One of the major benefits of the all pro wearable weights is the fact that the weight can be adjusted in small increments, allowing you to gradually increase the weight to keep your body challenged and in the maximum gain zone.

Ankle Weights:

Studies reported in the Physician & Sports Medicine demonstrated that adding 5 pound weights to each ankle increased caloric burn by 25 percent.

Weighted Vests:

The concept behind weighted vest training is to train the body at a heavier weight than it is accustomed. Many people use a weighted vest to add resistance during chin-ups and dips, but to truly take advantage of the weighted vest, you need to incorporate it into your overall workout regimen. With weighted vest training you will find that your conditioning level will improve along with your strength, power, and quickness.

Wearable Weights

Rehabilitation Ankle Weights

$37.95 - $64.95

  • Contour foam cushioned, protecting your ankle and achilles tendon and k...
  • Ankle Weights

    $24.95 - $37.95

  • Contour foam cushioned, protecting your ankle and achilles tendon and k...
  • Weighted Exercise Belt


  • This contour foamed, fully adjustable belt features padded lumbar cushi...
  • 20lb. Weighted Vest


  • 20lbs. max weight limit
  • Total weight can be adjusted in 1/2 lb....
  • 40lb. Weighted Vest


  • Total weight can be adjusted in 1/2 lb. increments
  • 40 lbs. max ...
  • Wrist Weights


  • These wrist weights are great for strengthening your hand, wrist, or fo...
  • Everlast Ankle Weights

    $24.95 - $39.95

    The Everlast Ankle Weights feature a comfortable ergonomic design that r...
    Aquatic Weighted Exercise Belt


  • No weight on stomach or spine
  • Neoprene for minimal water retens...
  • 1 lb. Removable Weight


    These are additional 1 lb weight sticks that can be used with either the...
    Aquatic Wrist Weights


  • One size fits all
  • Exclusive design places weights away from wri...