enlarge Sportline 355 Pulse Monitor Pedometer

Sportline 355 Pulse Monitor Pedometer


    The Sportline 355 Pedometer features and improved design with a large, easy to read window that displays your calories burned, distance traveled in kilometers or miles, and your pulse. The 355 has an efficient and easy to use finger sensor, just touch it and the 355 can read your pule enabling you to get much more from your exercise session.

  • Take your pulse while you exercise
  • Large, easy-to-read single line display
  • Accurately measures walking, jogging distances & steps
  • Measures up to 1000 miles in 1/100 mile increments
  • Monitors fitness goals & calories
  • Time of day feature
  • Stopwatch count up timer
  • One to six (1 - 6) foot stride adjustment range
  • Single button stride set and single button for reset
  • KM or MILE selectable
  • Touch the fingertip sensor on the pedometer to take your pulse
  • You can view the Sportline 355 Pulse Monitor Pedometer manual. (Adobe Acrobat required.)



     • Single Button Stride Set: Yes Easily sets to your individual stride range.
     • Single Button Stride Reset : Yes Easily resets to your personal stride range.
     • LCD Display: Yes Accurate and easy-to-read display.
     • Belt Clip: Yes Unit attaches conveniently to your belt or waistband for hands-free operation.
     • Weather Resistant: Yes Provides protection against damage from moisture.
     • Tuned Pendulum Movement : Yes Does not require batteries to operate.

     Key Specs:

     • Model Number: 355
     • Walk Distance: Yes
     • Hike Distance: Yes
     • Jog Distance: Yes
     • Distance Range: 1000 Miles
     • Stride Adjustment Range: 1 - 6 ft
     • Distance Displayed: Yes
     • Battery Type: Replaceable


    Manufacturer Warranty: 2 Year

    Sportline 355 Pulse Monitor Pedometer

    Sportline 355 Pulse Monitor Pedometer

    Sportline 355 Pulse Monitor Pedometer Sizing Chart


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    LJGROGG@AOL.COM said on 10/24/2004 1:13:22 PM   
    Practioner of Walking at a slow or medium pace

    I have the model 355 and l like it very well. I have had mine now about 3 years. My husband and I walk quite a bit, for exercise and weight loss. I don't know if you have change it since the time I purchased this one. Quite please to see that the price increase only about 12% since then.