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Voice Recording Pedometer


    Perfect for your 10,000-step-per-day workout program, this electronic step pedometer is loaded with handy features. Not only does it accurately count up to 99,999 steps--enough for almost any walker, hiker, or jogger--but it also records personal messages during your walk, so you can make audio grocery lists, create audio memos for business meetings, or capture song ideas. And that's not all, as it also accurately measures distance up to 1,000 miles and counts the total number of calories burned as you walk. Simply input your step goal and the unit tells you how many steps you have left to complete your task. Also outfitted with a large, easy-to-read electronic display, the pedometer is backed by a one-year warranty.

  • Records personal messages during your walk for playback anytime
  • Accurately counts steps to 99,999
  • Accurately measures distance
  • Calculates calories burned
  • Measures distance up to 1000 miles/kilometers

  • Voice Recording Pedometer

    Voice Recording Pedometer

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