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Goal Tracking Pedometer


    Simple to use electronic pedometer displays distance traveled,steps taken, calories burned during the walk, hike or jog. Memory feature recalls your results daily, weekly or monthly. The "Smart Timer" only operates when you are moving. The 350 features APD (an Advanced Pendulum Design with a unique, patented, state-of-the-art pedometer counting engine that ensures accurate step and/or distance measurement). Designed specifically for walkers and hikers. Includes a personal stride adjustment feature.

  • Memory feature recalls daily, weekly, or monthly totals
  • Measures distance, steps & calories burned
  • "Smart" exercise timer ignores false steps and false starts
  • Easily displays distance in miles or kilometers
  • Measures up to 100 miles/kms in 1/1000 mile/km increments
  • Large flip display automatically scans information
  • Easy to use spring loaded belt clip

  • Goal Tracking Pedometer

    Goal Tracking Pedometer

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