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Foller Cover


    These are multi-color nylon sleeves that Keep foam rollers cleaner and longer lasting. Put a 6x12" and 6x36" foam roller together in a Foller Cover without paying for a special custom 6x48" foam roller! Match them to your team colors.

    How to keep dirt and sweat off of your foam rollers? Try a FOLLER COVER. Made exclusively by EXERTOOLS, Foller Covers will keep your 6"x36 or Combo Foller clean and longer lasting. Slide a 36" Foller in either end and pull the draw strings tight. Make a 48" custom foller by adding another 12" inside the Foller Cover. Simply wipe off the sweat and dirt with a damp cloth or machine wash. Available in six team colors. For use with Follers.

    Foller Cover

    Foller Cover

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