enlarge Eagle Catcher

Eagle Catcher

  • Use to develop grip, hand and finger strength
  • Chrome steel springs
  • No assembly required

  • Eagle Catcher

    Eagle Catcher

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    xanthos said on 11/30/2007 11:11:50 PM   

    I love the eagle catcher product. The only really bad thing about this product is that the springs can hurt your fingers. I do two different workouts. 3 sets x 10 of Grabbing, 3 sets x 10 of Pinching. This ultimately works your wrists. fingers, and forearms.


    me7al_he4d said on 8/28/2006 5:12:48 AM   

    I like the way it works your hands, but the only problem is that my hands are almost too small for it. I wish these things had different sizes for smaller hands.