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Youth Punching Bag


    The Youth Punching Bag from Everlast is a smaller and lighter punching bag that has been specifically designed for use by younger athletes. When children and teenagers train on larger, adult sized heavy bags, the extra size and weight can cause muscle, joint and bone injuries. The Youth Punching Bag eliminates this problem because it is the perfect size and weight for younger athletetes. It enables kids to perfect their timing, power, precision, speed and accuracy without risking injury. The bag is made from durable Nevatear synthetic leather so it can take constant abuse without ripping, fraying, tearing or breaking. The Youth Punching Bag from Everlast is a useful tool to help younger martial arts and boxing students develop their skills.

  • Perfect for Teenagers and younger athletes
  • Weighs 40 lbs
  • Made of duable Nevatear synthetic leather
  • Hydraulically filled for even weight distribution

  • Youth Punching Bag

    Youth Punching Bag

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