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Sauna Suit  

Deluxe EVA Sauna Suit

On Sale
$24.95  $22.95

Made from comfortable EVA nylon this sauna suit will not only help you b...
PVC Sauna Suit


  • Excellent for aerobic conditioning
  • Two-piece outfit with elast...
  • Men's Slimmer Belt


    The Men’s Slimmer Belt from Everlast uses sauna action to help you targe...
    Neoprene Shorts


    These exercise shorts from Everlast are constructed from thick neoprene ...
    Slimmer Belt


    The sauna-action of this shaper belt boosts the benefits of your regular wo...
    Women's Sauna Suit


    You can wear this sauna suit while you work, play or exercise. Body heat i...
    Slimmer Belt w/ Hot-Cold Therapy Gel Pack


  • Multi-functional belt
  • Offers back support as well as relief of ...
  • Kutting Weight Sauna Suit

    On Sale
    $99.95  $79.95

    With the use of the Kutting Weight Sauna Suit, you no longer have to use un...
    All In One Slimmer Belt


    Using sauna technology, the All In One Body Slimmer will help you shed unwa...
    Ultimate Sauna Suit

    The Ultimate Sauna Suit is made durable cotton and polyester outer shell...
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    Sauna Suit

    Wear your sauna suit while exercise or play and it will seal in heat, helping your muscles stay warm and increasing the amount you will sweat.

    Also see our jump ropes for a great aerobic, fat burning workout.