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BrainPad Pro+Plus


  • Upper and lower bite channels promote talking and breathing through mouth while clenching, enhancing strength and endurance
  • Unlike other mouthguards, the Brain Pad locks jaw in a comfortable down and forward position that creates padding between the bones of the jaw joint & the base of the skull, which helps prevent the lower jaw from slamming into the base of the skull and brain with every strike
  • Reduces jaw impact and concussions
  • Patented low channel stabilizer
  • Increased airway space
  • $12,000 dental warranty
  • Youth size is for ages 10 and under
  • Easily fits over braces
  • Double mouth guard
  • Strap or strapless design with two straps included
  • Once opened, mouth guards cannot be returned

  • BrainPad Pro+Plus

    BrainPad Pro+Plus

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