Heart Monitors

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Heart Rate Monitors

The human heart beats about 60 times per minute at rest. As a result of exercising, the heart grows larger...

Why use a heart rate monitor?

To train your heart or to burn calories, you need to be in the right heart rate zone. Many people don't realize...

How to use a heart rate monitor

1. Determine your maximum heart rate

2. Determine your target zone

3. Use your heart rate monitor

Heart Rate Monitors

CardioSport Go-20


A fantastic heart rate monitor from CardioSport designed for women and made...
CardioSport First

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$49.95  $29.95

  • Very user friendly monitor perfect for the recreational user or those o...
  • Cardiosport GT5

    On Sale
    $229.95  $149.95

    The Cardiosport GT5 heart rate monitor represents the pinnacle of design...
    Cardiosport GT-3


    The Cardiosport GT-3 is a sleek powerful device that retains affordabili...