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Chin Up Bars  

Keys Chin Up Bar


The Keys Fitness Chin Up Bar is made from durable steel and can extend b...
Push Up Handles


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Door Gym


  • The simple device uses the weight of your body leveraged against the do...
  • Door Gym Broad Reach


  • Widen the grip on your Door Gym with the Broad Reach
  • Sits o...
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  • For the Door Gym
  • Extends the maximum size of the door opening t...
  • Chin Up Bar

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    The Everlast Chin Up bar is made from durable steel and features thick f...
    Multi-Function Chinning Bar

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  • Use your body’s weight as resistance to maximize upper body strength
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    Chin Up Bars

    Most doorway chin up bars, require that you screw two metal caps into your door frame at the height you want the chin up bar mounted. The bar can be removed by twisting the inner and outer bar in opposite directions.

    The door gym does not require any screw holes made in the door way and you do not have to extend the bar to put it up and retract it take it down. The door gym uses the weight of your body leveraged against the door frame for support.

    Your doorway must have trim (molding) for you to use the door gym, the Everlast and Century chin up bars will work on a doorway with or without trim.