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Boxing Equipment

 Bag Gloves
Bag Gloves
Bag gloves are worn during heavy bag training to protect your skin from tearing on the bag surface

 Boxing Gloves
Boxing Gloves
Errant strikes happen. Protect yourself and your sparring partner from accidental contact or badly placed blows.

 Speed Bags
Speed Bags
Work on your timing and accuracy witha new speed bag set.

We also sell striking bags and replacement speed bags.

 Heavy Bags
Heavy Bags
If you do not have the ability to mount the heavy bag but don't want to use a free standing bag a heavy bag stand may suit you perfectly.

 Free Standing Bags
Free Standing Bags
Free standing punching bags are ideal for those who cannot mount a bag to their ceiling and is an excellent choice if you will be kicking as well as punching the bag.

 Mouth Guards
Mouth Guards
Mouth guards are an essential piece of boxing equipment, helping to protect your teeth, jaw and your brain.

Boxing Equipment

Shock Doctor Gel Max Mouth Guard


Heavy-duty rubber Exoskeletal Shock Frame and Gel-Fit liner provide maxi...
Pro Style Training Gloves


  • Dense two-layer sandwich of shock absorbing foam will protect your hand...
  • Shock Doctor Pro - Strapless


    Proven dual composite construction with internal shock absorbing frame o...
    EverGel Wrist Wrap Gloves

    On Sale
    $24.99  $19.95

    The new EverGel glove is a slick looking and comfortable way to protect ...
    BrainPad Pro+Plus


  • Upper and lower bite channels promote talking and breathing through mou...
  • Leather Training Bag Gloves


  • Top-grade Genuine Leather
  • Thick and shock absorbing
  • Snu...
  • Pink Evergel Gloves


    The Slick look and paralleled protection of the Pink Evergel Gloves are ...
    EverHide Boxing Gloves


  • Made of Durahide synthetic leather
  • Dense and extra resilient fo...
  • Mouth Guard

  • Single mouth guard
  • Designed by dental experts
  • Gives a c...
  • Youth Bounce Back Bag


    The Everlast Inflatable Punching bag is serious fun! Simply inflate with th...
    Double Mouth Guard


  • Gives a custom fit in seconds
  • Made in the USA
  • Clear
  • Glove Dogs


  • Keeps your gloves smelling like new
  • Breathable cotton flannel s...
  • Mouth Guard Case


  • Stores either a single or double mouth guard
  • Black
  • Shock Doctor Mouth Guard for Braces


    Specifically designed for athletes with braces. Constructed of 100% Med...
    Shock Doctor Mouthguard Case


  • Stores either a single or double mouth guard
  • Black