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Tapas Ultra "Extra Thick" Yoga Mat

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$29.95  $24.95

  • Recommended for those who require most insulation and cushion
  • O...
  • Nature Collection Yoga Mats


  • Great non-slip surface
  • Beautifully blended, unique patters
  • ...
    Tapas Sticky Yoga Mat


  • Our most popular mat
  • This sticky mat offers a stable, non-slip ...
  • Toesocks


    The new Toesock acts like a second skin for your feet, providing a hygie...
    Ultra Nature Collection Yoga Mats


  • Recommended for those who require most insulation and cushion
  • O...
  • Travel Yoga Mat


    Designed specifically for the yogi on the go. It weighs less than 1-1/2 lbs...
    Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Big Skidless Yoga Mat Towel


    The Yogitoes Big Skidless Mat Towel is made for all types of people prac...
    Pure Mat Spray


    Refresh your gear with our New Hugger Mugger natural Pure Mat spray. Apply ...
    High Performance Mandara Max Mat


    The Tapas Mandara Mat meets the needs of even the most demanding yoga enthu...
    Stretch and Exercise Mat


    This mat is made from special non-slip foam and will allow you to do you...
    Earth Elements Mat (72 inches long)


  • The first environmentally safe yoga mat following a tradition of yoga’s...
  • Skidless Mat Towels

    $49.95 - $55.00

    Yogitoes Skidless Mat Towels are made for all types of people practicing...
    Skidless Hand Towels


    Yogitoes Skidless Hand Towels are made for all types of people practicin...
    Yoga Fitness Mat


    The Yoga Fitness Mat from Everlast is portable, durable and comfortable. I...
    Shiva Pillow


    Specifically designed to be used during Savasana meditation. The pillow...
    4 oz. OT Pump Spray


    The Spray Fresh 4 oz. OT Pump Spray is a professional quality deodorizing s...
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    Yoga Mats

    Key elements to look for:

  • Thickness: you want a mat that will provide enough padding for you
  • Washability: particularly in a gym or community environment, washability can be a big plus in a mat
  • Stickiness: Many yoga mats are "sticky", which makes holding yoga poses easier.
  • Also see our yoga mat bags.