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Sportline 330 Electronic Step Pedometer


  • No adjustments to make
  • Tuned pendulum movement
  • Records ...
  • Sportline 342 Distance Pedometer


    This Electronic distance pedometer is easy to set and use. It features APD ...
    CS-4 Pedometer

    On Sale
    $14.95  $12.95

    An excellent choice for anyone who walks or jogs on a regular basis. Thi...
    CS-1 Step Counter

    On Sale
    $15.95  $7.29

  • Records up to 99,999 steps
  • Large, easy-to-read display
  • ...
  • CS-4 Pedometer


  • Records up to 99,999 steps
  • Distance counter up to 999.99 km or ...
  • Sportline 340 Electronic Walking Pedometer


    The Sportline 340 Electronic Walking Pedometer displays miles walked since ...
    Reebok B-2 Pedometer


    Accurately measures distance. Simply enter your stride length and you a...
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    Pedometers are worn on the hip and based on your body's movement counts steps. With the added input of your stride length, it can calculate distance walked and approximate calories burned.

    Why do people whear a pedometer? Motivation. If you like gadgets, this small and fairly inexpensive device will track your steps and show your progress towards your target number of steps. You will be walking more, and your health and fitness level will improve accordingly.

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