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Extra Heavy Tension Weight-A-Band Weighted Resistance Band


  • Extra Heavy tension exercise bands with a 1 pound weight in each handle...
  • Aquatic Weight A-Band


    The Weight A Band from All Pro provides you with a convenient way to increa...
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    Exercise Bands


    Exercise bands, also known as resistance bands or resistance tubing, provide smoothly increasing resistance as you stretch them.


    Exercise bands are light, inexpensive and easy to transport and setup. Exercise bands can be used to exercise every muscle group in your body.


    In the same way gravity causes resistance when working with weights, tension causes resistance when using exercise bands. The more the band is stretched, the greater the resistance, the less it is stretched, the less the resistance.

    For curls or shoulder press anchor the center of the band under your foot and curl or press upwards.

    To work your upper back, do rows by tying the band around a door knob, and pull back on both handles. To make the exercise more difficult, stand further from the door. Reverse to do a chest press.

    The pilates exercising waist belt with resistance tubing allows you to use your torso as an anchor, making many upper body resistance tubing exercises easier.