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Yoga and Fitness Ball


Physical therapists and dancers use Yoga Balls in a variety of movements. I...
Pilates Ball with Resistance Tubing & DVD


  • Two-in-one training: work abs, back, arms, chest, and buttocks with bal...
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    Choosing the correct Exercise Ball

    Exercise ball diameter Your height
    45 cm
    5' and under
    55 cm 5'1"– 5'8"
    65 cm 5'9"– 6'2"
    75 cm 6'3"– 6'7"
    85 cm 6'78" and taller

    If you are heavier than most individuals your height, you will compress the ball more and therefore should use one size larger.

    You can adjust the ball size slightly by deflating or inflating the ball. Keep in mind that as you let out air, the bar will flatten out, adding stability and increasing the contact with your body making stability exercises easier. Inflating has the opposite effect.

    We recommend the Hugger Mugger yoga and fitness ball for the grip of their ridges, the included deluxe ball pump and the 600lb. capacity